Here you find a list with frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question about the game that is not answered here, post into this forum.

1. What are YD?

YenDollar is the curreny on tradyng. You can buy cards in the card shop with them or use them for the wish card roulette.

2. What are Dailies?

Dailies are execercises, that you get on a daily bases. You don't have to execute them. But if you do, you will get a reward.

3. How do I get cards?

You can get cards at Games & more. You can also join contests in the forum. On top of that you will get a random card every day.

4. How can I master a deck?

A deck contains many cards. You don't have to own one to be able to collect the deck. You can click on Collect Card Deck on the card deck overview. Through the wish card roulette and the trade with other players you will be able to master your deck.

5. How do I initialize a trade?

If you are looking for a particular card you can go to My Cards > Collect and click on the card you are looking for. Then you will see all owners. On top of that you find a Trade! button on every user profile. You also see on the user's profile what cards he own that you are looking for and the other way around.

Faq dragon
1. How do I get a dragon egg?

You can buy it in the jewels shop.

2. When does my egg hatch?

You have to give it a crystal.